Take a look at KeyComm’s list of featuresall secure and encrypted to protect your data and privacy. These features offer many options for sharing your message while maintaining your security at all times.

Chat messages

Powered with text, audio, and other multimedia capabilities.

Audio Calls

Contact anyone in your address book via a live audio call.

Video Conferencing

Go live 1:1, or share group calls with your business or team, to interact and problem-solve.


Talk back and forth walkie-talkie style.

Document Vault

Securely store, send and receive documents—including photos, videos, camera images, and other files.


Create notes to send back and forth, or to save securely.

Contact List

Easy way to manage your contacts.

Added Security

Hide your app within another app that will remain protected and secure even if your phone is compromised.


Secure backend dashboard makes it easy to manage team members and their access to your data.


Focus on the conversations that matter most.

  • Prioritize your conversations so you get to what matters the most.
  • Set a time frame for sensitive conversations or messages to be erased.
  • Connect members of your team for round table discussions.

Audio Calling

Reach out to anyone in your contact list or set up a phone conference.

  • Use the dial-in feature for clients outside of your keycomm network.
  • Have confidential conversations with teammates or customers.
  • Audio conferences allow you to talk with your team on the go.

Video Conferencing

Collaborate worldwide with video conferences to keep your team connected even when working remotely.

  • Come together face to face without having to leave your home or office.
  • Send a simple click-to-join link to clients outside of your KeyComm network.
  • Share your screen for easier collaboration on your projects.


Communicate with your team, walkie-talkie style.

  • Quickly convey instructions across a job site.
  • Send a memo to team mates with the push of a button.
  • Intercom quick messages within your office space.

Document Vault

Lock down your documents and images for when you need them

  • Save important documents for your entire team.
  • Share new images or designs with the coworkers who need them.
  • Securely store customer data and information.


Seamlessly keep track of thoughts and ideas with our built in notepad.

  • Keep your documents locked up and secure.
  • Share stored documents and images with your team members.
  • Camera mode makes it easy to capture your work stages and make notes for progress.

Contact List

Our contact list organizes your team members so you can communicate with them using whichever solution meets your needs.

  • Securely add the contacts you need to your company network.
  • Through KeyComm connect, open communications between other users outside of your network.
  • Customize contact groups for specific projects.


End to End communication allows your data to be encrypted safely and securely.

  • Communicate sensitive client information knowing your data is encrypted.
  • Share internal information with your team without worrying about hackers getting your messages or documents.
  • Documents, pictures, and messages are stored on your device rather than in a data tower in a foreign country.


Track your team communications and data security through an interactive, easy to understand admin dashboard.

  • Manage your company network by adding or removing users.
  • Take control of your security settings to preferences that meet your needs.
  • Set automated messages or email templates to simplify your communications.