Take a look at KeyComm’s list of featuresall secure and encrypted to protect your data and privacy. These features offer many options for sharing your message while maintaining your security at all times.

Chat messages

Powered with text, audio, and other multimedia capabilities.

Audio Calls

Contact anyone in your address book via a live audio call.

Video Conferencing

Go live 1:1, or share group calls with your business or team, to interact and problem-solve.


Talk back and forth walkie-talkie style.

Document Vault

Securely store, send and receive documents—including photos, videos, camera images, and other files.


Create notes to send back and forth, or to save securely.

Contact List

Easy way to manage your contacts.

Added Security

Hide your app within another app that will remain protected and secure even if your phone is compromised.


Secure backend dashboard makes it easy to manage team members and their access to your data.