Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are answers to some of our most-asked questions. If you don’t find the answer to your question below, please reach out to our Support Team via our contact form and we would be happy to help.

Q: How do you protect my data, exactly?

A: We are using high-level end-to-end encryption that cover all our communication tools. Files and documents are also encrypted and saved on users’ phones. Even if hackers found a way to intercept the data in transit, they would not be able to read it.

We take the task of protecting our customers’ data very seriously.  Our servers are behind several layers of firewalls and security. Any data saved on the server is encrypted. Data left on users’ phones is also encrypted and protected behind a decoy password. If unauthorized users try to access the app, after 10 unsuccessful attempts the app will wipe out the data to keep your information and communication protected.

Q: How secure is sign-in to your app?

A: We implemented different layers of security to protect this process. The user must be approved by the company before being able to login. The company admin has to add the user’s name and phone number to the online secure address book. The user can then login  by verifying their cell phone. If the user tries to install the app on a different device or uninstall the app, then reinstall, the admin has to re-approve the request.

Q: How many users can we have on the platform?

A: As many as you like!

Q: How long does my data last on the app?

A: You can set the app to delete your messages and files in as little as 30 seconds. From there, select a number of minutes, days, or set no expiration date.

Q: On what platform is this app available?

A: This app is currently available for iOS iPhones and Android phones.

Q: How does your end-to-end encryption work?

A: Every message, chat, file, or call gets encrypted before leaving the user’s phone. The API connections are also encrypted. Decryption only happens on the recipient’s phone.

Q: Is there a limit on the size of images that can be sent via the app?

A: The limit is up to the user’s Internet connection and the storage available on the user’s phone.