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KeyComm allows organizations to communicate privately and securely with end-to-end encrypted HIPAA compliant technology.
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Advantages of KeyComm

Clear Communication

Multiple ways to communicate your message. From text, voice, video, and push-to-talk, you have multiple options to meet your needs.

Lock It Down

Secure HIPAA compliant technology protects your content and communication. Never worry about your information leaking or being intercepted.

Privacy First

Protect your data with our technology. Set availability limits, and trust your information and communication are always private and protected.

Why KeyComm for your secure communication?

Having a secure way to communicate with your team without worrying about information being leaked, lost, or shared is important.

Our added security ensures that your chat, video, voice, and push-to-talk messages cannot be intercepted by others, or shared outside of your network. This keeps your communications safely locked away.

You are in control of who does and doesn’t join your company network. Our comprehensive admin portal gives you the tools to secure how your communications are shared. We also give you the ability to hide your app within another app. that will remain protected and secure, even if your phone is compromised.

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